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Every now and then we need a boost; a quick, sharp dose of motivation to get us going. Five Minute Motivation is designed to do just that!

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    14: You are so close!

    In this week's episode, we try something a little differently as I address a recent video that has been circulating social media.

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    13: The Definition of Insanity

    In this week's episode, we discuss an observation I made whilst playing snooker with some friends, which reminded me of the old saying of the "Definition of Insanity".

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    12: What's the plan, Stan?

    In this (much delayed) episode, we outline the plan; what we're looking to do, how many episodes we plan to put out each week / month as well as a few surprises too!

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    11: You say 'tomato', I say 'pomodoro'...

    Yep! We are talking 'tomatoes'. Or should I say the Pomodoro technique. This useful technique can be used to make you more productive, so let's take a look at how it works.

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    10: You think you've got 'problems'?

    Whenever you come across a sticking-point, or something doesn’t go the way you planned or you feel like something is against you. Well, it’s instantly labelled as a problem. Now it’s time to re- label them. Your ‘problems’ are now… opportunities.

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    9: Where have we been...?

    As you may have noticed, we have been quiet for a while... well guess what? We are BACK!

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    8: Step #1...

    In this episode, we get practical. I give you an exercise that should be Step #1 on your journey to create a new income stream yet it's one that the majority of people don't do, either because they've never heard of it or even they don't want to do it... well to that I say grow a pair and get on with it!

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    7: Questions? Not statements!

    In this episode, I give you a mindset tool which I use more or less on a daily basis. The power of changing a statement into a question. Along with a very strange scenario, I explain what I mean by that.

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